Friday, April 10, 2009

See Ya

Can I tell you about the next two weeks of my life? Because it's going to be crazy.

1. Tomorrow we're going to Wichita to make an offer on a house, followed immediately by..
2. Driving to Kansas City to spend 48 hours of Eater-goodness with the fam. Drop the kid (I mean dog) off at the grandparent's house.
3. Monday morning we're flying to Vegas. Renting a car. A few days of fun followed by me working.
4. Friday morning we're loading up in the car and driving to LA. I'm working. Joe's relaxing by the beach *stab* just kidding...
5. Loading up the car (again) and driving down the coast to San Diego. I'm working (you see the theme, right?). Finish working. Get a few days to play.
6. Drop off the car. Fly back to Kansas City. Grab the dog.
7. Driving back to Oklahoma.
8. Whew.



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