Sunday, May 3, 2009


Joe and I had *such* a great weekend, but I'm pooped. On Saturday we got up early to head back up to Wichita (can you imagine the miles we're putting on our car!?) to start the process of choosing flooring and fixtures for the house. Luckily my mom (I call her my "Lead Decorator") was able to come down from Kansas City. This was the first chance we've had to show anyone the house in person and she loved it! There was definitely some progress to the house, too. The paint is totally done (Sherwin Williams - Latte).

front door is on the left. the white door is just sitting there (not a real doorway). stairs to the left of the front door lead to downstairs.

walk in pantry (our saving grace since the kitchen is a bit small)
master bedroom

After we walked through the house we went over to the supplier for flooring and picked out our wood flooring, carpet, tile, backsplash and countertops for the bathrooms. So fun!

Here's what we picked out:

Then, we headed over to Home Depot and chose all the lighting fixtures and fans. It's so fun to pick out all this stuff and not to have to pay for it in the end! Well.. I guess we are going to be paying for it every month in our mortgage.. but it feels fun now! ;-)

Then, the three of us went to an Antique Mall in Wichita (told you it was my perfect day!!). We found some cool stuff. Can't wait to get into the house!


ShawnaLee said...

CAN'T WAIT to see it!! Love the paint-NICE choice. House warming party, anyone? LOL ;-)

Anonymous said...

damn, im so behind. im catching up. i agree. LOVE the paint!


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