Thursday, May 7, 2009

May Days

Where did April go? I can't believe we're already well into May. The days and weeks seem to all run together lately. Current location: Chicago for work. Then home for one night then San Diego for a week. Directly back to Chicago for my brother-in-law's graduation from college. Anyone want to come do laundry for me? ;-)

I can't stop thinking about the house. I wonder if it's normal to totally obsess over your first home (?). I lie awake at night and plan how I'm going to decorate everything. And what kind of flowers I want to plant. And if we picked the right doorbell. Yeah, I'm a nutcase. But I'm so excited!!

We've gotten a lot done too:
(1) decided we're going to sand and paint our existing dining room table - bought the sander and chose the paint color
(2) ordered a rug for the dining room from here (I can't wait to show you what I got!!)
(3) narrowed down the fabric for the curtains in the living room and dining room
(4) changed all of our light fixtures. I'm wishy-washy.
(5) changed all of our carpet. Not my fault. The one we wanted was discontinued.
(6) scoped out flat screen tvs

Things we still need to buy:
(1) hutch/china cabinet/ buffet for the dining room
(2) new ottoman for living room
(3) king sized bed - hey we've been using the queen I got when I first got my own place
(4) a bench for the dining room table
(5) a fridge



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