Friday, June 26, 2009

And IT Begins...

Today, Joe got up really early, put on a shirt and tie (which he hasn't done in a long time now!) and went to work. It's DAY 1 of Orientation for the new doctors. He has to get blood drawn and do paperwork and learn the medical software for each hospital he will be working at. Today is the beginning of a 4 year marathon that we (mostly HE!) will be running with lots of late nights away from home and very little pay. I've gotten so spoiled because since April he has had lots of time off as medical school winded down. Since my job affords me to be at home sporadically, it's been nice to be home all day together. We wake up, get some breakfast, watch some tv, maybe do a bit of unpacking, run errands, take a walk with the dog, cook dinner and head to bed and get up and do it all over again. Now, that will come to a screeching halt. At least it was fun while it lasted! I'm also so anxious to see who his fellow residents are. Just like Grey's Anatomy, the residents develop a close bond and I want him to have good friends at work. I sound like a Mama Hen, don't I? Ha!

Well.. I'm also really excited because I've been planning a Birthday Bowling party for my friend for tonight. So, this afternoon I'm driving up to Kansas City to meet her and the girls at the alley. Last time I bowled I got several strikes. Ya hear that, girls? ;-)


ShawnaLee said...

Thanks for the Bday party!!!! You are SUCH an AWESOME BFF...I couldn't ask for more!
Love you!!


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