Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Waiting and Waiting

This is my lesson in patience, I just know it. The closing for the house got pushed back again. Third time! We won't be moving until next week now. So we wait. Want proof of my impatience? I've already ordered seven new magazine subscriptions to the new house. I've already designed "We've Moved!" cards to send to our loved ones. And all I can do is wait. And wait.

I never did get a chance to post a picture of the china hutch I bought at a thrift store. It's big because I needed lots more storage for dishes. Our kitchen is on the small side! We're going to paint it cream to match our newly painted kitchen table and chairs. No need to buy a new matching dining set when you can just get a can of paint!

Sanding, painting and priming our table:

Did I mention that Joe is an actual, full-fledged doctor now? I couldn't be more proud of him!! His graduation went off without a hitch. It was exhausting having all of our family in town but it was SO FUN to see him walk the stage and to celebrate with a party at one of our favorite restaurants.

Signing his name with "MD" after it for the first time:
Ha! I just noticed that I'm standing off to the side of this pic. Can you see how proud I am???

Look at the awesome cake we brought to the restaurant:

Are you keeping up with the Jon and Kate drama? How could you NOT be, right? It's everywhere! I admit, I watch the show. Can you believe how good Kate is looking (after 8 kids?!) My mom always said that women tend to focus more on their appearance right before they leave their man...


ShawnaLee said...

Love the pics. CAN'T wait until you move either!!!!
You do look proud of Joe, rightfully so! Ahhhhhhh, signing as a MD-FLIPPING AWESOME!
Jon & Kate drama...yep, I follow it. I must admit all this drama is KINDA getting out of hand. And Kate's body-holly cow!! Can you say FREE tummy tuck. LOL Still she looks awesome!!!!
Love you!


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