Monday, June 29, 2009

Bowling Birthday

I want to tell you about one of my favorite people in the entire world - my oldest friend Shawna. She just had her 25th birthday and we celebrated with a bowling bash. She and I have been friends (the best of friends!) since the 7th grade. Over a decade! We practically grew up together and when I think of "us" I remember some of our best times, like...

1) Track practice and track meets: we were supposed to run ONE LAP to warm up and we lied every day and told our coach we ran our lap when we didn't! Speaking of coach...
2) Our first shared crush: our track coach. He was an "older man" and we both wanted to marry him and have his babies! I don't think it dawned on us that it would be hard to share him! He also tried to kill Shawna by throwing a shotput at her. So, in turn, I threw a discus at him. Ouch...
3) Vacations! We visited Disney World for the FIRST time ever, together. And, we explored NASA together for the first time.

us as astronauts

4) We saw Titanic together (more than once!) and fell in love with Leo. And we cried when he died onscreen.
5) Getting our driver's licenses: I failed the first time, she passed!
6) We were in all the clubs and activities our teeny tiny school had to offer. We did Duel Improv for many Drama Tournaments. We did Choir (I was jealous because Shawna got to be a soprano!). Honor Society. FHA. Science Club.
Shawna: 2nd from left, Me: far right. Nerd alert!!

7) During the sewing unit in Home Ec. I secretly finished her gym shorts project because she hated sewing! Then, she convinced me to make sweet potatoes during Cooking. Yuck!
8) We graduated high school together and although I moved away we shared our college experiences.
8) We were in each other's weddings. I was there at the birth of her little one.
Shawna on the right

9) There are so many more memories I can't wait to make!

On to the bowling pics!!



ShawnaLee said...

I love you too sweetie!!! Way to make me cry. Your the bestest friend I could EVER ask for! Glad God has blessed me with a friend like you! :-D

Anonymous said...

awww.... those are some awesome pics. :)

and something i didn't know... Brit - You didn't pass your driving test the first time? it doesn't show ;)


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