Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm Baack!

I flew back home today from working in San Diego...

Can I tell you how much I LOVE California? And, since I've been there many, many times now, I'm totally learning my way around. So, while I'm there, I like to pretend I'm a local rather than a country girl from the Midwest ;-). I didn't even need my Garmin this time (which, when you travel to so many random places like I do for work, is *essential*!). Yesterday I only had to work for about an hour so I took advantage of an afternoon off and got a mani and pedi. There is this little nail salon in downtown that only charges $20 for a full spa mani and pedi! I try to go each time I'm in town, and this time I took my co-worker. She loved it!
I also wanted to show you a sneak peek of something Joe and I worked very hard on last week! We bought and mounted a flat screen above our fireplace. All Joe wanted for graduation was a flat screen tv (are we not the last people in America to get a flat screen? seems like it!), so his parents gave him the money for one as their gift. We finally went to Best Buy and picked this one out. Then came the fun part of hanging it into a stone fireplace. Oy.. Well, after lots of drilling, sweat and heavy lifting we got it up there. We decided we will probably sell this house with that tv up there! It's not going anywhere! Ha!

Something else I'm really excited about is finally sending these moving announcements I ordered a couple weeks ago. I really wanted to send these to our friends and family to give them our new address. I found them for CHEAP online and they can be personalized so I snatched them up!
Tomorrow we have a landscape artist coming to our house to give us suggestions on how we can liven up the yard. We don't even have one little shrub right now, it's kind of pathetic!


ShawnaLee said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the placement of the TV. I have always wanted our above a fireplace!
Glad you got those "We Moved" thingy-ma-bobs...was JUST gonna ask you for your new address!
We should plan a short trip to Cali....I've always wanted to go and feel a tad "hippie-like, West coast gal" SERIOUSLY! I'm TOTALLY down on flying out for a $20 mani & pedi (WHAT A FREAKING DEAL...sad you can't find anything like that in the Midwest).
Love ya! :-)

twinklingnitestr said...

your not the last ;) bob and i still have a two tube TV's. lol


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