Monday, November 22, 2010

7 weeks

Today I'm 7.5 weeks pregnant but I forgot to start my weekly pregnancy updates last week so here we go!! :)

How I'm feeling:
I'm feeling pretty nauseous 24/7 (who ever named it morning sickness??). I'm so tired that I usually try to take a nap if I can in the afternoons. I pretty much feel like I'm barely stumbling through life right now! But I'm also so excited about meeting our baby!! It's almost impossible to wrap my brain around!

About the baby:
We are pretty sure he/she is happy and healthy although we will feel better once we've seen him/her beautiful face on an ultrasound :) Did anyone else find the wait for an ultrasound to be really hard??

Doctor Appointments:
We had our first OB appointment today! We didn't get to do an ultrasound but we love our doctor and get to go back in 4 weeks!

I'm not really having any cravings yet (unless saltines count!). I pretty much stick to bland things like crackers, potatoes and rice. And maybe Sonic mozzarella sticks. ha!

My body:
I feel like I'm so bloated (please tell me that's normal). I'm sizing out of many of my pants and the pants I can wear I usually unbutton as soon as I get home for maximum comfort! Ha!

The nursery:
We know which room we'll convert to a nursery but that's about as far as we've gotten!

Baby gear:
My mom bought us our first set of onesies! I've managed not to buy anything yet!!


{:miss v:} said...

Congratulations! That's so wonderful! Can't wait to follow along for your journey!

Tim and Randi Weigle said...

YES! Feeling bloated is normal! I felt like that until about 20 weeks or so when I finally actually started showing. You might want to get a belly band (there are tons of different brands, but they are all essentially the same thing) so you can put it over your unbuttoned pants or jeans and it just looks like you've layered a tank under your shirt. Congratulations!!

Sara said...


I second the belly band! They are a lifesaver.

This is my 4th pregnancy - 2 little ones and a late miscarriage, so I'm going to be 13 weeks tomorrow and already showing somewhat. However, with my first I remember a LOT of boating at first! I hated it - I knew I wasn't showing and just felt fat :) Like Randi, I started showing around 20 weeks with her.

Annie said...

Yay! I can't wait to see the nursery plans! You look great :-)

Mel said...


And YES the belly band (think I got mine at Target) was an absolute lifesaver! I could wear my regular jeans for SO much longer!

Can't wait for more great updates! :)

Ams said...

Ah, the bloated feeling! Super fun :( lol... yes, totally normal. You think you are showing really soon - but then the bloating will go down a little bit!
SO SO SO excited for you just so you know... so so happy!
(Oh and YES, I had morning sickness. Except -oh wait, it was not morning. It was all day. For the entire pregnancy! I pray that this isn't the case for you!! Nine months and I threw up at least four or five times a day... for the entire time!)

Monica said...

Congrats! How exciting- can't wait to hear all about it!!

Mrs.Olson said...

So exciting !


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