Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Turkey Day Survey

Annie posted this cute Turkey Day Survey! Play along, won't you??

Here's my answers:

1. I always make the sweet potato pie for hubby's side, this year I'm making a dessert (to be decided!) for my side :)
2. Both of our families live in the Kansas City area so we drive there.
3. There's always football on tv ;-) and we used to play Bingo at my grandma's house
4. Corn Casserole and everyone knows I will *throw down* if it's not there! Ha!
5. about 20 at hubby's, 15 at my side
6. I already have TWO trees up at my house - never too soon!
7. We sometimes Black Friday shop but it depends if we have something specific we need. We always look at the ads though.
8. Jeans and a cute sweater but this year maybe leggings and a dress since most of my pants are too small now ;-)
9. Oh gosh NO! Do people do that?!
10. No and the idea of that kinda freaks me out. I'm fine letting the moms and grandmas do it for a little while longer!! :)

Hope y'all have a wonderful Turkey Day!!


Annie said...

YAYYYY! Thank ye! I'm thankful for you, sweet bloggy friend! Enjoy eating for two this Thanksgivng :)

Anonymous said...



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