Tuesday, November 30, 2010


1. We went to Kansas City for Thanksgiving and while I'm SO THANKFUL for the blessing of being pregnant, I get so sick in cars lately so I really hated the car ride. I loved seeing all of our family!!

2. I took ya'lls advice and broke down and got a belly band!! And it is truly a gift from God!! Where has this been my whole life! I could have been using it after big meals! Ha!

3. Are you a real tree or artificial tree person?? I am a HUGE real tree person! When I lived at home with my parents I begged them to always get a real tree because I love how they smell and I think artificial trees are just too "perfect! Ha! I always put up a couple artificial trees around our house and then we buy a big real tree for the living room. I'm afraid to say that Joe and I had a "talk" this year and decided to break down and invest in a big artificial tree. We figured next year we have a crawling baby and it's probably safer to not have pine needles around the living room. We ordered this one from Walmart.com.

Happy Tuesday!!!


Kit said...

I have always had a real tree, but that one you got looks great! I love tree that have a BUNCH of lights!

Sarah said...

Isn't it crazy to think about how different life will be next year at this time. Last year my son was only a few weeks old and this year he is running around the living room and continuously bringing me ornaments he has plucked from the tree.

I do love the tree that you got, can't wait to see it all decorated in your house! I am sure it will be beautiful.

Ams said...

I too, love the real tree- but with the kids, I just prefer the fake tree. (I do miss the smell of the real ones though!) I have a pre-lit tree also and that was the best Christmas tree decision I have ever made!!!

Glad you found a heavenly way to wear your pants... what a difference that makes!

Anonymous said...

When I grew up, we always had a real tree. But it's just not practical since my husband and I have lived in an apartment - nor is it safe, because we usually go visit our parents at some point and I am worried about the fire hazard.

Brittany Ann said...

My first "morning sickness" is car sickness. It's still bad at 12 weeks, though now I'm nausea all the time. I have to drive, too. If I'm not the one driving, it's wayyy worse. Like open the car door and puke worse.

Glad these babies are worth it!


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