Tuesday, December 14, 2010

10 weeks

The hat is fake (added in photoshop) and I promise I'm not always this dressed up! We were going to a Christmas party last Saturday night so I had Joe take my 10 week picture then (10 weeks 1 day). Otherwise I'm almost always in sweat pants! Ha!

How I'm feeling:
My morning sickness is now the worst at night. I am starting to have my good moments though. Let's hope it's almost over!!

About the baby:
The little one is the size of a lime now! I think I should celebrate with a big strawberry limeade from Sonic! Ha!

Doctor Appointments:
Our next appointment is on Monday and we'll get to see our little lime on an ultrasound!

Current favorite foods: SALAD! potatoes, soups, milk... I'm really into things that are extremely hot or extremely cold. Current food aversions: avocados and eggs have made me want to gag since about week 5. I honestly don't know if I'll ever eat an egg after this pregnancy.

My body:
Still bloated (or is it just flab? Ha!). I think it'll be funny to look back in a few months and laugh about how big I thought I was!

The nursery:
We are going to start clearing out the nursery (current office) as soon as my finals are over for grad school. We're going to re-locate the office to the family room downstairs.

Baby gear:
We've started looking at cribs and furniture online. Friends have recommended we get a convertible crib but do you have any other tips or suggestions?? I've never felt like such a rookie in my life ;-)


Jacki, Jimmy and Emme said...

You look so cute and that dress is AMAZING! Love it, love it!


Katie said...

I loved milk when I was pregnant, too! lol and I hated chicken-ha! We have a convertible crib. We got it from Target. We haven't had to convert it yet, but I'd say I'd probably recommend it. One thing I'd DEFINITELY recommend is Fisher Price's Newborn Rock 'n Play Sleeper. LOVE IT! and it's been amazing. It's light weight and Emmalyn sleeps in it every night, and naps during the day.

Flannery said...

You are one hot momma in those cute pink heels! :)

Mel said...

You are such a cute pregnant lady with your pink heels and photoshop hat! :)

We have a convertible crib from Target. We haven't had to convert it yet, but I'd recommend it, too.

Ams said...

You look gorgeous lady!!
It's so funny how we get these crazy aversions during pregnancy. I was deathly ill every time I changed the garbage and to this day (four and a half years after my last pregnancy) I am still deathly afraid of changing the garbage!! lol... You may never eat eggs again.

And if I could recommend one baby product it would be a swing... with something for them to look at above. I swear that has been a lifesaver for me in my baby days!

Anonymous said...

Love the dress!

Here's hoping the morning sickness gets easier every day!

Annie said...

You look SO adorable! Pregnancy suits you :-) And those shoes! *drool*

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

You are just the cutest thing ever!! I am so happy for you - you will love being a mommy! :)

Mrs.Olson said...

Hey blogging friend. Just wanted to check in. It's been awhile since you posted. Hope everything is going well with the pregnancy. Praying for you.
-Oklahoma Olson.


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