Monday, December 12, 2011

Oh (Landon's) Christmas Tree...

I am of the belief that all kids should have a Christmas tree in their room (as long as it's safe, high enough not to be reached, etc!) :)

This year I got Landon a little 3' tree from Hobby Lobby and put it on his side table by the glider. I didn't do too much with decorating, his room has a lot of turquoise accents so I used some blue and turquoise decorations I already had. Eventually he will have a whole tree of ornaments we've given him.

I got some little initial ornaments from Wal-Mart for $0.99 to put his "monogram" on front.

I wish I could leave his Christmas tree up all year long ;-)


Victoria said...

Very cute. I got our 6 year old son his very own tree this year too. I got him some Steelers ornies and regular ones. I never thought to give him his first Christmas ones and such.. guess I will have to look and see. He has jingle bells on his, little bulbs, and I think I will run out and get him the "A".. we used the stocking charm on our tree too so we could have an "M". Merry Christmas.


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