Friday, January 3, 2014

2013 Highlights

I am sitting here reflecting on 2013 now that we are a few days into the new year. I think it may have been one of our biggest transitional years ever. Yes. I think my word for 2013 is "transition". We had a big move to a new state we had never visited (Arkansas). Joe transitioned from anesthesia resident to fellow. And then there's the big transition from one to two kids. They are all great and exciting changes but my 'need to be settled' soul is yearning for the year ahead when we can make some roots in Kansas City and grow into a family of four and be settled. But who knows what the year ahead holds!!


  • Landon turned 18 months old and his language skills exploded
  • Mom visited and we enjoyed the premiere of Downton Abbey with tea and english treats
  • Landon and I visited my college friend Rachael in Oklahoma
  • Joe and I went to see The Jersey Boys play when it came through town
  • Our friend Katie took "Lifestyle Pictures" at our house
  • Joe and I had a date night to the casino
  • My parents visited for four days to help us get our house prepped to sell
  • The three of us traveled to Kansas City to see my college friend Jill get married!
  • Joe traveled to Las Vegas for a work conference
  • Got our house on the market and sold nine days later!
  • Boomer was diagnosed with diabetes
  • Packing, packing and more packing
  • Joe traveled to Chicago for a work conference
  • Had a garage sale with my friend Robyn to purge before move
  • Found out we are pregnant!
  • Celebrated my second Mother's Day
  • Landon finished up Mother's Day Out and celebrated his birthday on the last day
  • Traveled to St. Louis to see Joe's younger brother graduate from medical school
  • Closed on our house and moved to a furnished apartment temporarily 
  • Enjoyed a final night out with the other graduating anesthesia residents
  • Hosted a baby shower for my friend Jill in Kansas City
  • Celebrated Landon's birthday with a train theme at a park in Wichita
  • Attended Joe's graduation ceremony!
  • Enjoyed the local River Fest in Wichita
  • Moved to Arkansas
  • Celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary at a local steak house in Arkansas
  • Celebrated the 4th of July at a local park and watched fireworks
  • Found a new church we love!
  • My parents visited for a week and explored Arkansas with us
  • Boomer passed away
  • Had a gender sonogram and found out we are having a girl!
  • Landon and I drove across I-64 for the "Bargains Galore on 64" garage sale
  • Joe's parents met us in Branson for a weekend trip
  • Landon started Mother's Day Out twice a week at our new church
  • Landon and I drove to Kansas City and then Wichita for visits with family and friends for two weeks
  • I flew to Chicago for a four day girls weekend with my friends Katie and Trisha
  • Joe worked long hours for the Cardiovascular rotation of his fellowship
  • Joe turned 30! We celebrated in Branson with our friends Nate, Becca and Jackson
  • Had family pictures made
  • Landon had his 2-year well child visit with our new pediatrician (a few months late!)
  • Celebrated Thanksgiving with my family, who all travel to Branson because I can't travel 
  • Celebrated Halloween as the "royal family and guard"
  • Met Joe's parents in Branson for yet-another weekend trip; Landon visited Santa while there
  • Traveled to Rogers, Arkansas for a spa weekend with my friend Rachael
  • Celebrated my 30th birthday with a maternity photo shoot
  • Received a visit from friends Nate and Becca for a long weekend
  • Celebrated Thanksgiving 'just the three of us' in Arkansas
  • Bad ice storm was predicted so my mom came to Arkansas in case I went into labor
  • Had Emory!!
  • Enjoyed having our families visit with the new baby
  • Celebrated Christmas 'just the four of us'
We are looking forward to another evenful year!



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