Monday, January 13, 2014

Emory: One Month

Miss Emory Leigh, you are already a month old! You have been such a JOY to have in our family! We can't believe how fast time is flying. Here is a little bit about you...

Your Schedule:
You are following a rough 3 hour 'eat, wake, sleep' pattern although I haven't worried too much about a rigid schedule just yet. You're exclusively breastfeeding although I've had to supplement you with formula three times while I've had a few supply issues. You take a bath every night in the bathroom sink while your big brother bathes in the tub. You go to bed around 9pm and wake up at around 1:15am almost every night. Then you have another feeding at 4am and it's always a little touch-and-go to get you back down after that. Most mornings we start our "day" around 4am and then you take a "nap" around 6 or 7am. It's working for us right now and mama's not too tired so far!

-Your hair is not as thick as your brother's was but it's dark. You have a tall section at the crown of your head.
- For the most part you are a calm and content baby! This is SO nice after Landon who was colicky!
- Right now your eyes are a pretty blue/green color - I can't wait to see what they settle on in the coming months.
- You are sleeping in your Fisher Price Rock 'n Play in our room. We aren't ready to put you in your crib yet.
- You nap in our arms or in your swing.
- You are somewhat sensitive to your brother's noise as he plays around you, and he sometimes wakes you from your naps. We are working on that. :)
- So far you do OK in the carseat - you've fallen asleep in it on a few drives.
- You usually like being "worn" by mama in her Moby wrap if she needs to have both hands free.
- You HATE being cold - we learned right away that you need more layers and extra bundling to be comfortable.
- You are using your green soothie pacifier from the hospital - you need it to fall asleep for most of your naps.
- We've learned you prefer to sleep with your head tilted back - a very unique personality trait of yours!
- You are wearing newborn sized diapers and still practically swimming in your newborn sized clothes. 
- You are so curious about your big brother. He will often sit next to you and talk to you and you stare at him with such interest.
Here you are compared to your brother at one month. I think you do look alike!
The outtakes.. :)
Emory, we love you so much! You are the light of our lives!


Rachael said...

I absolutely love the picture of Emory sneezing. Landon's curiosity is priceless! Such a sweet moment. :)


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