Monday, July 20, 2009


The gypsy (that's me) has landed. This week: my office in Washington DC for some training. Is it weird that I've only been to my "office" twice in the past 10 months? I guess that's the global world we live in. I seem to go everywhere besides the "office"! I'm actually glad to be here though because I *love* DC. Last time I was here stuff (WORK) got in the way of my dreams of strolling through all the museums, but this time... I'm making time! In fact, my plane landed today and I drove straight to the Smithsonian. I'm determined, you see. Then I realized I forgot to pack my camera. Crap. I hate self-photos (holding your arm out and trying to take a pic of yourself - you know you've done it too!), but I especially hate doing it with a cell phone. But.. that's all I had. So here are the pictures I got on the Smithsonian - Natural History Museum (yes, the one from Night at the Museum).

Self portrait of the lobby

This was awesome: it's like a 15ft coral. I would love to borrow this as decor for my "sea" bathroom... hmm...
The best for last. THE HOPE DIAMOND. It's the size of my palm practically. My birthday is coming up, dear.


ShawnaLee said...

I've been there! I stood in awe looking at the hope diamond...errrr...I dunno...30 mins. or so. I'm surprised security didn't come and jump me or something. OH and may I also add, I couldn't stop thinking about our "slight" obsession with Titanic back in the day, while starring. LOL

Anonymous said...

how much does that thing weight!? my god!

btw... i like the self pic :) you look cute.


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