Monday, July 13, 2009

Haunted Weekend

I just got home from a spooky weekend and it's not even Halloween. For a couple months, Joe and I had been planning a weekend to Atchison, Kansas with some of our best friends Jill and Michael. Do you know about this town? It's considered one of the most haunted towns in the country. No joke, this place has been all over the Discovery Channel and there are many, many books written about the haunted happenings here. You totally couldn't plan something more fun to me - I LOVE all things haunted, scary, ghosts, etc! Unfortunately, Joe ended up being on call all weekend, so I ended up driving up to Jill & Michael's alone. Bummer, but they're not the kind of friends that would make me feel like the 3rd wheel.

One cool thing about Atchison is that it is the birthplace of Amelia Earhart. They actually made her home a historical site.

Amelia's house - she had it alright didn't she?!

Sitting on Amelia's front porch. You know how much I love cute porches!

The Missouri River runs right through town so we took some pictures on the bank.
I call this our Lesbian Engagement Picture. ;-)

Ain't this cute?

During the trolley tour we visited about 10 houses that have a history of paranormal activity.
By the way, our shirts say "Have you seen the ghost of Sallie?" Sallie is probably one of their most favorite poltergeists. She died during an appendix surgery and haunts her childhood home to. this. day. *evil laugh*
This was one of my favorite houses. 18 people have died here. One was an old lady who died and wasn't discovered for weeks. When they did find her they discovered her pets had started to eat her. Yikes... I don't get why she would want to "linger".
At the end of the night, we ended up meeting some really cool people and crashed their room at a bed and breakfast in town. We're smooth talkers, I tell you.
The B&B


ShawnaLee said...

OMG! What a cool weekend trip!!! Love the lesbo engagement picture...before I read the caption I was thinking, "huh, that's an odd picture." LMAO
Oh, and BTW, to SCARE you or anything (pun intended) but in some sort of weird way that girl on your Tee resembles you an a young girl, don't you think-kinda. You were a WHOLE lot cuter mind you...


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