Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Show n' Tell

I've got some new stuff around the house I want to show you!

First of all, my parents came to visit Joe and I last week after they had been on vacation in Arkansas. While they were in AK they were browsing some antique stores and found this vintage chest and they said "it had your name written all over it". They surprised me with it when they got here. I have no idea how, but they rode with this thing in the back of their truck all the way to Kansas! Thank God it didn't rain! Two things I love most about it: it has the original skeleton key for the lock and it's cedar. You knoooow how good cedar smells! So here it is...
Can you see in that picture that I finally finished the curtains I MADE for the Living Room? Yes, you read that right, I bought the fabric months ago, had it shipped here and sewed them right up yesterday afternoon. I'm a regular Martha. Oh... you can see the new throw pillows here too. I'm huge into throw pillows and so is Boomer, the dog. He manages to molest each one until it's without any corners left and there is stuffing poking out. I buy a lot of throw pillows. So, there's no way I'm willing to spend any more than $10 on any one pillow (because I know the pillow's fate! Ha!).

Boomer is waiting until I leave the room to cause havoc

Have you noticed that I'm trying to decorate this house on the cheap? Joe says I spend money like he's printing it in the basement. Now that we've got a mortgage looming over our heads I'm trying to economize! Here's my $14.99 doormat...

I'm a sucker for anything with an "H" on it

I also finally managed to get something hung on the walls in the Living Room. I'm going for earthy-casual-rustic so I found these vintage textbook prints of trees for ONE DOLLAR each! I had them matted and framed at Hobby Lobby (during the 50% off frames sale no less!). I think they work, don't you?



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