Tuesday, October 4, 2011

2 Months

Landon turned 2 months old on August 30!

Here's a rundown of our stats:
- You are wearing size 1 diapers and size Newborn and 0-3 Month clothes.
- You are breastfeeding exclusively about every 3 hours.
- You are sleeping in your swing in our room. 
- You officially have reflux and are on Zantac two times a day
- You still like riding in your car seat. 
- You like being sung to - our favorites are: "You Are My Sunshine", "Jesus Loves Me", "Amazing Grace" and "L.O.V.E."
- You got your immunizations at your 2-month pediatric appointment. You cried a little. I cried a lot.
- You go to bed around 9pm each night and on good nights you give us at least a 4-6 hour stretch without waking up.
- You still love your pacifier.
- You are becoming quite attached to your blue blanket. 
- You hiccup a lot!
- You are starting to smile at us and it is THE BEST. We will spend hours trying to get you to do it again after you do it once.

It's always interesting trying to get a picture of you.
Oh, hello, Boomer.
 Not loving it.
 I dare you to mock my thighs.
 Do you like my shirt? 
 My mom made it.
We love you, little dude :)


MJ @ MD School Mrs said...

Landon is SO precious. I love all of his hair! Glad you're enjoying motherhood ;)

Mel said...

Such CUTE pictures!!! I loooove chunky baby thighs! :)

I totally had a hard time when my kid went in for his shots, too. I'd always schedule the appointments so my husband could come to hold him down--I'm such a wuss I couldn't even watch. Good thing they don't remember them! :)


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