Thursday, October 13, 2011

Craft Club

Last night I hosted a craft club at my house and it was so fun! There were six girls and I had all the stuff for everyone to make studded pumpkins and chalkboard pumpkins (the ideas were inspired from Pinterest!).

The studded pumpkins we made with thumb tacks - I found them at Wal-mart, the Dollar Store and my local grocery store in gold, silver and white. It was crazy easy (not very nice on your nails though).The best part is if you don't like your design you can pull the tacks out and start over. Can't beat that!
I got the white and chalkboard paints at Home Depot and we used craft sponges to apply it. The paint dried pretty fast so we had plenty of time for chalking our ideas on.
 I made a centerpiece for the table very inexpensively. I got the plastic urn at the Dollar Store for $3 and the green moss at the Dollar Tree for $1. The lighted branches are from TJMaxx and the ribbon was also from the Dollar Store. I put craft paper down along the table so we didn't have to worry about messes.
I was able to whip this all up, from the centerpiece to studding the example pumpkins, while holding Landon if that proves how easy and fast it was! I love hanging out with my girlfriends. It's good for the soul.

Speaking of pumpkins, here is my little punkin. :)
love what he's doing with his hands here! hah!

Happy Thursday!


Mrs. Carioca said...

Cute, I love the tack idea!


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