Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Smells Good Around Here

I have been on a major home/body scent kick lately. I used to never go to Bath & Body Works because I was always given shower gels as gifts and I would rather shop for clothes or makeup. Or shoes. Most of the time it was shoes. But now I don't really get too dressed up on a daily basis and if I wear makeup it's usually just tinted moisturizer, mascara, cream blush and maybe a lip stain so I've been really into candles and all other smell good things! Last weekend my mom and I went shopping and I ventured into Bath & Body Works for the first time in years and I am *hooked*!

I bought a few Wallflowers, which I hadn't used since college for my dorm room. I am obsessed with a new fragrance they have called Marshmallow Fireside. It smells like you're roasting marshmallows over an open flame right inside your home. Drool!

I also got some Salty Caramel refills which I love. I just realized all my favorite scents involve food of some sort. They even have a new scent called Lavendar Macaroon. Sounds random but so good.
My all time favorite perfume that I've been wearing for a long time is Sud Pacifique Vanille Extreme. It smells like a sugary cupcake and I just can't get away from it. I always have to order it online because I can't find it in stores. I also love Juicy Couture perfumes but I've only used the samples. Maybe for my birthday I'll get some of that! (wink, wink!)
And Joe has been wearing a fragrance mist I found at Aeropostale that smells SO good. It was one of those things up at the register but he loves it and I love it too! He wears that more than his fancy colognes.

What are your favorite home and body scents lately???


Victoria said...

I love my wax warmer and the bars of scented wax. This is my favorite time of year to use them too. Anything spicy and pumpkiny.


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