Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day in the Life With a 3 Month Old

I have really been wanting to start documenting a typical day in my {okay, I'll say it. Boring.} life. I think it will be fun to look back on this in a year or two and remember what life with a baby was like. Let's see if I can put you to sleep..! ;-)

{This day wasn't a typical day, per se, because it was Joe's birthday. But I had already started taking notes, so I went with it}

5:15a.m. I hear Landon start to fuss from the monitor. Joe is already in the shower for work, so I go say goodbye to him and head to the nursery. I nurse Landon for 15 minutes and put him back to bed.
5:45a.m. Go downstairs to the office and work on a blog post for Joe's birthday (bring the monitor with me so I can hear Landon.)

6:30a.m. Hear Landon waking up for the day. Head upstairs, get him out of the crib, snuggle, and change his diaper.
6:50a.m. While holding Landon, make my breakfast. I usually have oatmeal but decide to have a Toaster Strudel instead. Eat with baby in my lap.
7:30a.m. Nurse Landon again.
8:00a.m. Rock Landon to sleep in my arms. Watch a DVR'd show while I hold him.
8:45a.m. Landon wakes up. Go change his diaper and get him into his outfit for the day. He blows bubbles at me while I'm changing him.
 9:00a.m. Put Landon in his bouncer in our bathroom so I can make the bed and get ready. I know I don't have a very long window where he will stay occupied so I take a super fast shower. Take 15 minutes for lotion, dressing and quick makeup. Hair in a ponytail. Landon starts to fuss so I manage to put on deodorant and mascara while holding him.
9:30a.m. Landon works himself into a meltdown so I bounce/sway/dance him to sleep. While he sleeps in my arms I check my email (would love to write a few friends but it's too hard with one hand) and talk to my mom on the phone.
10:30a.m. Nurse Landon.
11:00a.m. Diaper change and pack up our stuff for errands.
11:20a.m. After Landon crying the entire drive (he hates the carseat) we make it to Famous Footwear. He smiles and coos as soon as we get out of the car. We shop around for a new pair of tennis shoes for Joe for his birthday. We only find one size 14 pair of Nikes (his favorite brand). We decide to get them. I resist the urge to look at their fall boots display and we leave.
12:05p.m. We make it to Wal-mart. I pull up the list I saved in my phone. We get everything we need but baby hangers - oops! While in the baby section I spot some cute Halloween shirts we need (but won't be able to hang up - hah!). As I'm paying, I realize I'm starving so I grab a Subway sandwich on the way out. Landon cries all the way home; I eat my sandwich while driving because I know he's getting hungry and I'll have to feed him as soon as we're home.
12:30p.m. Make it home; unload Landon and only the groceries that need refrigerated. I sort those separately when I leave Wal-mart because I can't remember the last time I was able to unload all the groceries at once. Nurse Landon.
12:45p.m. Landon falls asleep for his nap. I surf the internet and watch t.v. while I hold him.
1:30p.m. Joe gets home early from work!!
2:00p.m. Landon wakes up and Joe takes him while I sneak in the guestroom and wrap the new tennis shoes. (I already had all his other gifts wrapped the day before)
2:15p.m. Joe changes Landon's diaper and they play on the activity mat. Landon does tummy time, I take a picture and email it to our parents from my phone.
 3:00p.m. I tell Joe to open his presents! Landon helps at first, then gets fussy so I nurse him while Joe opens the rest.
3:00p.m. Landon falls asleep on Joe's lap. I run a load of laundry and straighten up the house.
5:00p.m. I start dinner as Landon is waking up. I find a stopping point to nurse him after Joe changes him.
5:45p.m. Finally get dinner in the oven. It's a request of Joe's (a recipe I found on Pinterest).
6:00p.m. I switch the laundry and set out Joe's work clothes for the next day. Joe reads Landon a book.
6:30p.m. Dinner is done! We eat while Landon sits in his BeBe Pod.
6:45p.m. Landon starts fussing for bedtime.
7:00p.m. Bath time!
7:15p.m. PJs, nurse Landon and rock him to sleep.
7:45p.m. Lay Landon down in his crib. Joe and I eat a slice of his birthday cake in bed and watch t.v.
9:00p.m. Sleep!

{Landon woke up again at 1:30a.m. and 4:30a.m. to eat.}

Whew! What a day!!


Mel said...

My, you had a busy day! Thanks for the fun of taking us along with you! It's such a fun and sweet (albeit sleep-deprived) time. :)

Rachael said...

Love you put Landon on the table in his little chair while you guys eat. I will have to remember this! :)


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