Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Birthday

I love birthdays, even if they are on Monday like mine was. It was a fairly normal day but I did have a spa appointment in the afternoon. I had a sitter come stay with Landon so I could get a massage and a few other things. I am not a spa regular - it has probably been five years since I had a massage!

This is not me. I had a pink flower in my hair. 
Okay, don't laugh and I'll tell you what Joe got me as my gift... a treadmill for our basement. I asked for one but he still says he feels like a jerk getting me a piece of exercise equipment for my birthday. Hah! I really want to start slowly working on losing the last bit of my pregnancy weight (slowly so I don't mess up my milk supply) and I'm going to try to start walking a few times a week. I am so sedentary right now so I really need to get back into it!!

I have been craving Red Robin so I picked it up for dinner. Did I mention I got a treadmill. I can't imagine why I can't lose my baby weight ;-)

Happy Thursday!!


MJ @ MD School Mrs said...

Happy belated birthday! A massage sounds SO lovely ;)


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