Monday, March 22, 2010

Back Home. No Wait.

Hellooooo!!! I'm back from vacation!

That sound you hear is me groaning. Ha!

We had SO MUCH fun!! We did a Caribbean cruise for 7 days - Miami, Dominican Republic, St. Thomas and Tortola!

1. We got upgraded for FREE to first class on our flights and then we had the opportunity to upgrade our cruise room to one with a balcony for cheap!! We were so excited!!

2. We did a lot of snorkeling. We saw a couple of huge barracudas (at which time I was seriously re-considering the glitter nail polish I had on because they are attracted to shiny objects! Ha!), a sea cucumber, starfish, etc. We also snorkeled a sunken ship.

By the way, I can't say the word barracuda without thinking of Guitar Hero. I'm a little ashamed to admit that.

3. I tried both rock climbing and shuffleboard for the FIRST time on this ship.

4. Our fourth stop, in the Bahamas was canceled because the water was too bumpy.

5. March Madness started while we were on the ship so we got online and printed out brackets. I have never filled out a bracket before!!

By the way, if you filled out a bracket and you're doing well on it, you clearly chose teams based on how cute their jerseys are. Not that I'm judging. Ha!

When we got home I did something I've never done before by immediately unpacking our suitcases and starting laundry. I was home for about 30 hours and I turned right around and flew to Louisiana. I'll be here for work for eight days.

I must get some gumbo!!

Hope you have a fantastic Monday!!


Mrs. Carioca said...

pretty beaches! I really want to try snorkeling! Why did they upgrade your flight?

Britt said...

LOVE the picture of St. Thomas at the top of the Skyride... such a beautiful view!! Looks like you had fun :)

Brittney said...

Looks like y'all had a great trip! Love the beach pics - soo pretty!

twinklingnitestr said...

omg... that looks wonderful. and you two look so cute all dressed up. :)


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