Monday, March 1, 2010


This weekend Joe and I drove down to Oklahoma to visit friends and see our old campus. Did you know we met almost eight years ago at the University of Oklahoma? We were just freshmen and I could never remember how to get to the Union from the dorms. Ha!

While we were there this weekend we went to an Oklahoma basketball game. It has been SO LONG since I've attended an OU sporting event and I LOVE LOVE LOVE cheering for the Sooners.

I feel like when I go to sporting events I spend a lot of time looking at things other than the game. I have sport ADD. I love looking at the cheerleaders, watching the mascots and looking at what people are wearing. You have got to commend a man who will wear basketballs on his pants!

We also took the chance to have a marathon eating session for things we can't get in Kansas. Here is just a selection of things we ate.

I realize if you're not from Oklahoma this may mean nothing to you but just imagine me PORKING OUT. Ha!

Did y'all have a good weekend??


Angela said...

Oh wow, those pants!! LOL We're an OSU house, but looks like fun!

Team Phillips said...

I heart Rusty's Frozen Custard! BOOMER SOONER!

ty said...

RUSTY'S!!!!!!! The Norman Turtle is responsible for every single pound I gained at OU. EVERY ONE.

I was just there two weekends ago, and I drove by the stadium and I swear, I teared up. It's my Graceland.

jenn said...

those pants were great!!! ha.

i'm not a sooner's fan but a UGA fan!

but, i love all things sports...especially when i'm there to cheer them on :o)

Brittany Ann said...

I totally have sports ADD! The whole experience is just too darn distracting!

Ams said...

So fun!
And you are right - that doesn't mean anything to me, but all I have to say is FOOD IS GOOD! WOOT!

Sasha said...

Rusty's.... love me some Rusty's. Did you not try Passionberri while you were here? It's delish!

Anonymous said...

more reasons to come see me again!!! more BJ's, more Rusty's, more Cane's, thai, etc., etc. :-D and don't forget la baguette!


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