Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring is Springing

Have you set out any Easter stuff yet? It's coming FAST this year!!

On my table I have a wicker bunny filled with Easter eggs Joe and I have painted over the last four years. It's a tradition for us to blow and paint eggs every year and we have quite the collection started! I'd like to find an Easter tree to hang them all from!! Have you seen any cute ones?

I also have this little ceramic bunny relaxing on my living room table.

This watering pail makes me think of Spring!!

Aren't you ready?!?


Alissa said...

I can't wait to one day have a house so I can have decorations for all seasons and somewhere to store them! Love yours.

Britt said...

I love your blown and painted eggs!! How do you keep yours from breaking when you store them? !

Mrs. Carioca said...

I love your decorations. When are you going to post a tour of your whole house? I just made an Easter egg tree by taking some branches that had fallen on the ground and sticking them in a vase. The branches I found even had little berries on them!


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