Monday, March 8, 2010

Party Time

Last weekend Joe and I went to Kansas City to help throw a surprise party for our friend Jill. Saturday morning the birthday girl was lured away from her house so we could decorate. She loves Harry Potter and nothing screams "I just turned 27" than Harry Potter, right?? Ha!

Look at the cake her husband ordered!!

We had all kinds of HP extras but my favorite thing was the drink cups I made up. I went to a lab supply store and bought these beakers. I used chalkboard paint to paint a little square on the side of each "cup". I did a little research to find the names of potions that are used in the HP books and then drew them on the side. (The birthday girl got "aging potion" haha!)

When she was supposed to come home we hid around the corner from the door. Have you ever done a surprise party?? Because MY LORD for some reason I about peed my pants from all the pressure and excitement!!

We are getting so excited to leave for our vacation in a week. I think God really wants us to enjoy the sunny weather we're going to get in the Caribbean because it's supposed to RAIN all week long here in Kansas!!

Do you have any surprise party stories!?!


Sarah Ann said...

That is so cute!

Brittany Ann said...

The details are amazing! My brother would adore this theme!

Moya said...

Looks like fun! My wedding shower was a complete surprise, I almost died from screaming when everone jumped out at me! Fun memories:)


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