Monday, October 18, 2010

Some Things

Here are the random things going through my mind today...

1. I bought some moccasins! I have loved, loved them for a long time and I know everyone will think they are stupid but I can't wait to wear them everywhere. They are so comfortable! And, I needed them for my Halloween costume this year. How about that for a hint!

2. Tonight Joe and I had a little date night. Or date hour, which is about all we have time for these days. One of my favorite things to do is go to Borders and look at books and get a cup of coffee. We looked at Hawaii books and then Joe read some boring medical books and I read some boring camera books! Ha!

3. One of my favorite things is displaying cards (currently, ones from Joe's birthday) on our china hutch. I smile every single time I walk into the dining room.

4. Yesterday and friend and I met up in our cute little downtown area and took some pictures and played with our cameras. She is a professional photographer and of course I can barely operate my camera but we had some good laughs!

Happy Monday!!!


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ty said...

Toooo fun! I think I could spend all day in Borders and never spend a dime :)


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