Monday, March 21, 2011

24 Weeks!!!

How I'm feeling:
I feel great!! I tend to get out of breath easier and bending over is getting harder but I have lots of energy and feel really good!!

About the baby:
The baby is the size of an eggplant and kicks all the time! So far he/she hasn't been in my ribs, most of the kicks are still around my belly button or lower (maybe one of the few benefits of being tall - lots of room to move!).

Doctor Appointments:
We have our next appointment this week and I'll also be doing the DREADED glucose testing this week. Please tell me it's not as bad as I hear..!

Current favorite foods: FRUIT. Most of the time you can find Joe in the kitchen doing this...

Current food aversions: still can't even bear to think about avocados or eggs. I still divert my eyes when I see them at the grocery store. Ha!

My body:
My bump is getting bigger and rounder by the minute it seems!

The nursery:
I haven't mentioned it on my blog but we've had major problems with our furniture. JCPenney (who I used to be a big fan of) really disappointed us. We ordered over $2000 worth of furniture in January and we still have only 1/2 of what we ordered and the rest has been broken by the trucking company or discontinued. They also charged us for and almost sent a second crib without us authorizing it and we've had SO many problems with their customer service. They've set up appointments for us to be home to have furniture delivered and they've not shown up. They've "lost" our order. So, we are returning what we have and getting something else. Stay tuned. This whole thing has been such a mess and I have never been the type of person to smear the name of a company but I can honestly say I've been so disappointed by our experience with JCPenney that I won't shop there anymore :(

The nursery is totally painted! Next on the list is installing the new ceiling fan!

Baby gear:
On a happier note.. we ordered and LOVE our new stroller to match our carseat! I had so much fun watching Joe figure out all the little features. He is great with gadget type things. I'm scared I'll be the mom who lets their baby roll down the hill in the stoller. 

I got this cute moses basket at a consignment sale!

Happy Monday!!


Jacki, Jimmy and Emme said...

You look SO cute! Love getting the updates!! Sorry about the issues with your furniture....I know how important it is to have it set up and ready to go, no matter how much time you have left!

Ams said...

You look great lovely lady!
I love that stroller and the moses basket is so sweet :) Time is flying by. I am sorry that you had so much trouble with the babies furniture though... what the heck?!


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