Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's All In The Drink...

I had to go in for my glucose test today - and I was dreading not only the test but being without sweets for 12 hours! ha! The test makes sure you don't have Gestational Diabetes and they make you drink a solution and then they take your blood. The drink itself wasn't that bad - it tasted like Cool Aid (which I never drank as a kid because I don't like things that aren't caffeinated - I know, I'm a picture of good health ;-)

I was glad I had my iPad in my purse because I had to sit in the lab for an hour after drinking it before they could draw my blood. I sat and read a book on it and watched the other pregnant ladies come in for their tests. It was THE place to be today!

Then I ran over to Sam's Club because Joe and I were there last night and I saw this serving set for $40 and I couldn't stop thinking about it - I even called my Mom and told her about it. Wouldn't this be perfect for parties??? So I went back today and got it. All the dishes are oven, microwave and DISHWASHER safe!

Truth be told, I look for any excuse to go to Sam's Club because they have a little cafe area with food and they also have Coke Icee's! I am obsessed. I could drink one every day but I only let myself splurge on one every once in a while.

Let's hope I pass my glucose test because otherwise I may have to cut out all Coke Icee's! Ha!


{:miss v:} said...

Yum! I'd like to try one of those!

I remember taking the glucose test. I wish they had iPads back then! We have however been trying to get the iPad 2 and it's sold out EVERYWHERE! It's so frustrating!

I hope your test comes back normal, I'm sure it will! ;)

Ams said...

Hope you passed too!
At least you had that iPad to keep you company :)

Victoria said...

I hope you passed! The 4 hour one is awful!


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