Monday, March 28, 2011

25 Weeks!!!

I'm already 25 weeks pregnant! 

How I'm feeling:
I'm still feeling really good! Last week I had my first Braxton Hicks contraction where my stomach tightened up (thankfully it didn't hurt like a normal contraction probably will!)

About the baby:
The baby is over a foot long and starting to open it's eyes. He/she kicks like crazy if I eat something really hot or really cold or if I lay on my side! Joe and I have FINALLY decided on baby names but we're keeping them a secret until the birth :)

Doctor Appointments:
We had an appointment last week and I found out I passed my glucose test! Yay! I had a smoothie to celebrate! Ha! I also had to get the Rhogam shot in my hiney. Now we start going to the doctor every two weeks.

Current favorite foods: I'm still obsessed with fruit and I love the Cherry Limeade Chiller at Sonic. I split a small one with Joe three days in a row this weekend!!

Current food aversions: still can't even bear to think about avocados or eggs. I divert my eyes when I see them at the grocery store.

My body:
I have officially gained 17 pounds.

The nursery:
After our JCPenney fiasco (PLEASE don't order furniture from them :( )We ordered *new* nursery furniture this weekend and because time is getting limited I'm glad to say it's being delivered on Thursday!! Yay!

Baby gear:
We finally started our baby registry last week. Our parents were bugging us to get it started and I must admit, I was putting it off because it's really overwhelming. I always feel weird about registries anyway - I hate asking for gifts and opening presents in front of people!!!

Joe and I also ordered new living room furniture last weekend so I'm excited to show you what it looks like!! And I have a LIST of projects we're working on that I really want to share too!

Happy Monday!!!


{:miss v:} said...

Wow! Time sure seems to be flying! You look wonderful!

Ams said...

You look GREAT! And I agree with miss v - time does seem to be flying :)
Glad you are feeling awesome still! That's such a blessing.
I can't wait to see the baby and living room furniture :) So exciting!

MJ @ MD School Mrs said...

You are so stinking cute! You're the perfect picture of spring (and what it represents - new life!) in that picture :)

Hope your new furniture is perfect and that it can be one more worry crossed off your list!


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