Friday, March 11, 2011

Carseats and Clothes

On Wednesday night we came home late to find a big delivery on our front porch: the carseat!! It cracks me up that I used to get excited about getting a J Crew package in the mail or a box from Sephora and now I can't wait for a carseat to come!! Carseats freak me out because they seem so complicated (infant seat or convertible seat? front face or rear? middle or passenger side of the car? weight and length limits?) so I'll probably take me the next four months to figure out how to use it. Thank goodness we ordered it early! Haha!

All we need is a baby!!

I also had to tell you about a big sale I went to! Yesterday a friend of mine (who is due six days before me!) and I went to a big twice annual consignment sale on baby clothes they put on at a warehouse in my town. It was so overwhelming! (They also had candles and household things and I was so overwhelmed by the mass of clothes I told my friend I was going to buy a candle and just leave! LOL!).

I decided to buy a little for both a boy and girl since we decided not to know the gender. Somehow I ended up with way more girl stuff so that probably guarantees I'm having a boy! Ha!

Happy Friday!!


Victoria said...

Too cute! We're having a little girl soon. Our due date is May 6th! We got her a dresser last weekend and I was more excited about that than buying a new laptop! Funny how things change huh?

Brittany Ann said...

We had a similar sale here this week. We made out like bandits. So much so that my husband told me to calm down on the baby-gear-collecting because we have so much, and we still have two showers coming up!


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