Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pack It Up

Last night was Wednesday Date Night around our house. We usually hit up the cheap-o movies but since the only two movies that were playing were The Box (which I kept referring to as "The Cell" for some unknown reason) and A Christmas Carol in 3D we decided to skip the movies all together and go bowling with some FREE tickets Joe had gotten. He was very excited about the FREE.

We hopped in the car and I decided we needed to take a detour to Borders first so I could get some important reading material for my upcoming TEN HOUR FLIGHT to Italy this weekend. Reading material in the form of US Weekly, Star and Glamour magazine. Just doing my part to stay current on pressing issues regarding Brangelina and the new mascaras getting ready to hit the market. (By the way, don't waste your time on Maybelline's Stiletto.) Anyway, we were there FOREVER because I love all things Borders. When we finally finished up I remembered we were almost out of dog food so why not run next door to PetCo and grab a bag? Then I also remembered I had a sweater in my backseat from Old Navy I needed to return. It was a date night to beat all, I tell you. When all that was done, we decided to skip bowling in favor of some fried goodness in the name of TGI Fridays. Because fried food will always beat any form of exercise, not that standing and throwing an eight pound ball is really exercise anyway. And we stuffed ourselves on Potato Skins, Friend Green Beans, Cheesy Chicken and Peanut Butter Pie. I'm not proud of myself, but it was delightful.

And now I must rush off to pack for Italy! If you have any tips on how to stuff a lifetime's worth of cardigan sweaters into a carry-on, please divulge in the comments.


Julia said...

Well my dear, for Europe pack light. You will be so thankful you did. I traveled like an American last time I went and gave away all my clothes save for what would fit in a carry on. Pack lots of flats, a cardi, a light jacket to layer with, and scarves. It's all about removable layers for warmth and chic over there. And foot comfort. That's a big one. Final word of advice is to take neutrals and play up accessories. (i.e. little black dress with bright scarf, cardi, neutral jacket, and leopard flats or something.)


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