Friday, November 27, 2009

Yellow Desk

When push came to shove and my friends were hosting my birthday party at my house, I knew it was NOW OR NEVER to finish my little desk. I didn't have a nightstand for the guest room downstairs and I needed something to sit the lamp on.

I had bought this at a yard sale for $15 and honestly, it was in pretty good condition to begin with. One of the legs was wobbly and there were some stains on the top, but otherwise it was pretty solid.

Joe sturdied up the leg with some wood glue and I sanded her down with an automatic sander and then hand sanded the curved edges on the drawers. I thought about pulling off those motifs on the front of the drawers, but decided against it because it was already late enough the day before the guests were supposed to show up.

I wanted the perfect yellow paint. Not too loud, but definitely "cheery" because it was going to be sitting in the basement. I picked "Joyful Yellow" from Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart.

I primed some of the bad areas and then gave her two coats of paint. Voila!

And pictures of the room it now belongs in - our downstairs guest room.


Sarah Ann said...

That desk is SOOO cute! I have a roll-top desk that has a similar style that I've never repainted from the drippy white it currently is but oh does this give me inspiration!

Jane said...

The desk looks fabulous! That whole room looks great!

Katie said...

WOW! You're awesome! I would love to do stuff like that, but would have know idea where to start?! Good for you!! Thanks for sharing :)


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