Monday, November 2, 2009


This weekend I decided to make the 3 hour trek up to Kansas City to celebrate my niece's 5th birthday.

I always forget how boring the drive through Kansas is when you don't have a companion. And it's times like this that I will either realize:
(a) I have to use the restroom
(b) I'm almost out of gas
Friday night I was so excited because I got to spend the night with my best friend and her little girl. They just moved into a new house and it was so fun to see them all moved in. The next day we all went shopping and then I went to Chuck E. Cheese for my niece's birthday.

I'm not going to exaggerate at all when I tell you we purchased FOUR HUNDRED tokens to play arcade games for the next THREE HOURS. I haven't had more fun since I discovered how to make homemade ranch dressing.

And today, rather than riding my high of arcade-winning glory, reality has set in and I've realized I have a house full of guests coming to my house in four days for my birthday.

Y'all, I have no pride, which is why I'm posting the following picture of my office.

I love that you're probably thinking this is the "before" picture. But actually, this is after TWO hours of work.

Even Boomer wanted an escape from the mess and considered leaping out the window.

Hopefully, I'll have a real "after" picture after I finish. But right now, I'll be catching up on Dr. Phil and Say Yes To The Dress, which is far more important...


Sarah Ann said...

Hey at least you can just shut the door right?! That's what we always do when we have company over- shove everything in the office and shut the door. Works wonders until you actually have to clean it!


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