Friday, February 4, 2011

18 weeks!!!

Today I'm 18 weeks pregnant!!

How I'm feeling:
I'm feeling good!! I'm not having any of the bad symptoms I had in the first trimester except being a little tired (but maybe that's because I stay up way too late??)

About the baby:
The baby is the size of a mango!

I just went to Google search mangos and got totally sidetracked. And hungry...! But look at this:
And then I was trying to figure out why when you Google "mango" there are so many pictures of Penelope Cruz that come up (?) and I figured out she endorses a store called Mango. Which seems to have super cute dresses!


Doctor Appointments:
Our next appointment is on February 22nd for the big sonogram. We're still not planning to find out the gender but it's getting SO hard to wait!!

Current favorite foods: Girl Scout cookies, oh, and Girl Scout cookies, and sometimes Girl Scout cookies too
Current food aversions: still can't even bear to think about avocados or eggs, or really any breakfast foods.

My body:
I can definitely tell I have a hard little bump below my belly button. When I lie down it's *really* noticeable!

The nursery:
We're still in limbo with the paint color and my friends Jacki and Jill have both sent me ideas on bedding. I've got to start making some decisions!!

Baby gear:
My mom surprised us and offered to buy us a glider and I'm SO excited for it to come! I know I'll like it because I pretty much refused to get out of it at the furniture store. And then I got hungry for some Girl Scout cookies and was able to leave... ;-) It will look like this but not this color:

And I had to show this to you because Joe was cracking me up when we were trying to get our 18 week picture. I hate my double chin (and let's be real honest: don't I look like I'm about to pee my pants?? Ha!) but I love that I married someone with a good sense of humor. awww!! :)

Happy Friday y'all!!!!


michelle ellis said...

You look so cutie!

Now I want a mango...

Mrs.Olson said...

I love your updates. Outfit is so cute. I am not pregnant but I just love me some girl scout cookies.

Annie said...

You look ADORABLE!

Jacki, Jimmy and Emme said...

Love the glider and the outfit too! My recent craving is grapfruit, but I have had my fair share of GS cookies too....Enjoy!

Ams said...

You look SO good my friend!! And that outtake picture makes me smile. That glider is super cute... I can't believe you're almost half way there!! Just insanity :)

Allie said...

Very cute outtake picture. I love the glider. It looks soo comfy!!

Happy Pregnancy! :)


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