Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day!!

If you live in the Midwest I bet you probably have lots of snow on the ground at your house right about now! We definitely got hit here in Kansas! The news keeps calling it the "Blizzard of Oz" which I think it pretty catchy. We got so much wind that we can see ground in some areas and we have huge 3 foot snow drifts in others. We actually have a few cars stranded on the road outside our house right now.

 View out of the back of our house

Joe has been able to get to work every day but my graduate school classes are cancelled so I've been home. I told my Mom that it's not quite as fun as snow days when I was a kid because professors still expect you to email your homework in on time! Ha!
I admit, I did my homework from bed with my PJs on!

Last night Joe and I made dinner and we were bored enough to watch a movie in bed. We saw He's Just Not That Into You. I thought it was cute and Joe kept saying "that's soooo true!" about how a guy will call you if he's really interested! haha!

Happy snowy Wednesday!!!


{:miss v:} said...

I'm in California so it rarely ever snows here. I see all the news reports on all the snow in the midwest and east coast and it's been like spring here for like two weeks! Right now I'm sitting with my windows open enjoying the nice cool breeze!

Wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday and for your sweet words! I appreciate you praying for us, it's nice to know you are.

Hope you have a great rest of the week!


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