Monday, February 21, 2011

Baby, Lately

This morning we had a delivery truck at our house bright and early to deliver the baby furniture! I had to have everything put in the garage and covered with sheets because we aren't finished painting the nursery yet (oops). I want to do a full review of the furniture itself and of JCPenney (where we ordered from) as soon as we get it all set up, for anyone who might be in the market for baby furniture soon ;-)

The furniture store we ordered the chair from (thanks, Mom!) called us last week and told us we had to choose a new fabric for the glider and ottoman we ordered. We decided to pick this color that's really close to the color of the walls. I'm hoping it will hide spit up well - and if not we got the extra-super-duper stain shield! Ha!
Also, my sister is starting to book things for my baby shower which will be on May 28th! Here's the room she booked (she let me go take a peek at it this weekend!). I think she's going to use a Dr. Seuss theme because Cat in the Hat was one of our favorite books when we were little. Isn't that cute??

Happy Monday!


Ams said...

Things are coming along! So exciting :)
I can't wait to see how the nursery, with the furniture comes together!! It's going to be beautiful.
And woohoo for baby showers. So much exciting stuff to come!


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