Monday, February 7, 2011

Meatballs and Maternity Clothes

Did you watch the Super Bowl last night? Joe and I went to a watch party but as the guys watched the game the girls chatted and I think I watched a total of 29 seconds of the entire game. Which is totally fine with me because I'm not a huge NFL fan. I randomly wore a green shirt so I guess I was rooting for Green Bay! Ha! Honestly, I had to ask Joe on the way over to the party who was even playing. I wanted to make a really easy appetizer to take because we were running errands all day.

I guess it doesn't get any easier than TWO ingredients! Everyone knows that if you melt down equal parts of grape jelly and BBQ sauce you get the best meatball sauce! And of course I had to break out my football crockpot that my mom got us. It gets used about 3 times a year but it's always a big hit!

I need some advice about maternity clothes. Next week I have a conference I have to go to and I'll be meeting our state government about the research I do as a graduate student. The attire is "business/formal". I really don't want to buy a maternity business suit because I know it would never get used again. Do you have any ideas on how to make it work (like Tim Gunn would say)? Do you think I could get by with a dress, tights and a suit jacket? What about this dress I wore to a Christmas party? (obviously I wouldn't wear my hot pink heels for the Senator! Ha!)

I think we've finally made a decision about what color to paint the nursery walls! I know I originally said I wanted a dark teal blue but one of my blog friends commented on one of my posts a few weeks ago that she thought I should consider a grey color and I'm glad she did! So we decided on this cool, taupe, mushroom color from Behr called Ashwood.
Happy Monday!!


Ams said...

I think you could *definitely* wear that dress!! No point in investing in an expensive maternity outfit - you're right about that!

I love that color you have chosen btw... and for the record, I totally did not know that if you mixed grape jelly and bbq sauce that you would get a great meatball sauce. I would be a little nervous to try that in fact! Of course, now I might just have to.

Brittany Ann said...

Wear the dress with tights and a blazer. It will definitely look hip but professional.

Plus, I find people make allowances for us pregnant ladies! They get we can't fit into our old business suits anymore.

MJ said...

Who suggested the nursery color???....this girl! Brittany! I'm so love that you chose the gray color! :) It will be perfect.


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