Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We Are Such Grown-ups

Last night Joe and I had an appointment with a financial firm to sign up for disability insurance and life insurance. I sat at the conference table while the advisor went over numbers and we talked about retirement and wills and all of a sudden I started to feel like such a grown up (and old! ha!)

We went to Olive Garden afterwards and I told Joe and up until now I've felt like we were playing house and now we're bringing a baby into the world and we are talking about retirements and college funds! He said as long as we're on our way to Millionare Estates rather than Countryside Acres we're doing okay (please tell me you have played the game of Life!) ;-)

I had to share that I finally broke out my souvenir from our Hawaii trip last November. I bought an oyster with twin pearls inside and had them made into earrings. At the time we knew we were pregnant but I told Joe that probably meant we were having twins (I think I gave him a mild heart attack)! 

We're having a major snow storm again today so I'm planning to stay inside and get some studying done. And hopefully a nap in front of the fireplace!

Happy *snowy* Tuesday!!


Mrs.Olson said...

How fun would twins be? That would be so awesome. Love the pearls !

Mandy, The Mother of All Chaos said...

Very cool to bring back! And man, I think the snow is beautiful!

Brittany Ann said...

We made out our living will and I felt the same way. Whoa. SOOO OLD!


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