Monday, April 18, 2011

Egg Decorating

Every year Joe and I try to decorate a batch of Easter eggs. It's a tradition we started when we got married and now we have boxes and boxes of eggs that I bring out every year to decorate with. I know that probably seems weird to people because we don't have kids yet but I love any excuse to celebrate any kind of holiday. We give each other Easter baskets too - haha! I LOVE looking back at eggs we painted over the past few years :) Someday I'd like to have enough to fill a tree with them! We make sure to write the year on each egg in Sharpie marker so our grandchildren can look at all these old stinky eggs and know which year they're from. (We do blow them first so they don't rot. Can you imagine???)

Do you have a tradition for decorating Easter eggs? I would love to start some more Easter traditions once our little "egg has hatched" ;-)


KSK said...

My husband I decorate eggs too .. and then we hide them throughout the house-so fun! ...I'm not sure what you mean.. How do you keep them?

Victoria said...

We just hard boil and color, sometimes write on them with crayons first. Looking for some new ideas for the 5 year old this year. I am impatiently waiting for our other egg to hatch! :)


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