Thursday, April 28, 2011

Random Stuff

I have been so stressed out with school lately. I don't talk much about it here, but I'm about 1/2 way through my Masters Degree in Engineering and I've been working really hard to get some things done before the baby comes this summer. I know once I have a newborn it's going to be even harder to buckle down!

Have any of you attempted school + baby? I'll be at the point next semester where I'll just be finishing up my research and writing my thesis (which may take me an entire year or more! Haha!) so I can do a lot of things from home. But how hard will THAT be? We won't be using daycare but I might get someone to sit with the baby for a day each week so I can still go to research meetings and write. Please tell me I'm not crazy!!!

I guess my husband got the memo that I was stressed (and horomonal - ha!) and I came home late Tuesday night from school and I had these two things waiting for me:

What you're looking at is a hot brownie with ganache wrapped in phyllo dough. It's exactly like my favorite dessert from one of the fancy restaurants we have here in town. I just about died. And "oh my GANACHE" was it good :)

Have a wonderful day!!


Mrs.Olson said...

aw. I love when Husbands get the memo !

davita said...

Good husband. Erik and I were both in undergrad when we had our first. He only had two quarters left, but I had to complete 104 units in a span of 18 months It took great time management [we were on a 10 week quarter system and I also took 6 week summer sessions], and staying on task, but we both got better grades after our son was born. He got all A's and I got B's and A's. It will be nice you won't have classes that you have to leave the house for. I'd be more than happy to answer more specific questions. Beautiful flowers.

KSK said...

...a brownie wrapped in phyllo dough??? sounds unbelievable! So does your hubby! I think you made them both up :) jk

MJ @ MD School Mrs said...

I'm fairly certain that if anyone can time manage school + baby, it'd be you! I think having somebody come in once a week so you can get out and take care of what you need to sounds perfect. It'll let you be productive and remember that you're still Brittany, without spending too much time away from the babe.

And I'll take two of those heavenly looking brownies, please!

Flannery said...

I'm in grad school and don't have any kids but some of my classmates do. I'd say the best advice is not to forget to sleep! Don't try to push yourself too hard too soon after the baby is born. Prioritize your school obligations and figure out which ones can and can't go to the back burner. It will definitely be a balancing act but you'll have flexibility so it won't be impossible! Hopefully your professors/adviser are understanding. :)


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