Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sandals and Pediatricians

First of all, I have to tell you that yesterday I stumbled upon a shoe and sandal goldmine at where else but K'Mart. Y'all, they have the cutest shoes and there's no way you can be more shocked about it than I was. I have been wearing these (less than $20) sandals all day today walking around campus because I have some meetings for my grad classes and just WOW. I know maybe not everyone is into the gladiator trend but I'm definitely a fan.

I also have to tell you something really funny that happened to us on Tuesday when we had our OB appointment. Or doctor was asking us some questions to put in our chart for the birth like "Will you be having the epidural?", "Would you prefer to use the Birth Care Center or the hospital", "Would you like to pre-register at the hospital?", etc and she asked us, "Can you go ahead and tell us who you've decided to have as your pediatrician?"

And then silence.


We're supposed to be doing that now?? I had no idea! Our OB thought it was hilarious (hello, first time parents!! Ha!). Is there anything else we might be forgetting to do? I just know I'll be the type of mom who forgets to bring diapers when we go out or forgets to enroll her child in school or something. Haha!


KSK said...

:) It's nice that they ased you that BEFORE you delivered! I was at the hospital for 2 days before they told us we needed a pediatrician before we left!!!!!

ty said...

I totally wouldn't have known that!!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Glad to know they are comfy -- so cute too!

Ams said...

haha I would have had no clue - because here where I live - the doctor who delivers your baby is the person who looks after your baby later on too!! No pediatrician here so you aren't alone!!


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