Monday, April 11, 2011


Last weekend was one of the first weekends in a long time that Joe and I had NO plans! We spent a lot of time out in the yard because it was in the 80s and I couldn't stand to be cooped up inside! We mowed the entire yard (me on the rider and Joe with the pusher) and then weeded out and re-mulched the front flower bed. I think my nesting has officially spread outdoors!!!

We also went to see Limitless. I was craving movie theater popcorn and Joe thought it looked good so it was a nice afternoon date!

We (mostly Joe) watched a lot of the Master's tournament. I am terrible at golf but I love how soothing they are on tv because the announcers have such calm voices! Makes for a good nap! Haha!

What did you do this weekend???


ty said...

The Master's always makes me wish I had an exotic accent :) and Adam Scott is just GORGEOUS.

Mrs.Olson said...

I am so glad to hear that Golf makes someone else sleepy !
We worked out, "cleaned" and rested ! The weather sure was nice !

KSK said...

I thought when I moved out of my childhood home and in with my husband, tv golf would be out of my life... then my husband REALLY got into golf. boo. but they do have, 'soothing' voices! *smile*


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