Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Yellow Rose Pillow

Last week I was really feeling Spring fever and I decided I wanted to make a little pillow to freshen up our guest room because my mom was coming for a visit.

 I found some yellow fabric (isn't it just so cheerful??) at Walmart and thought it might be cute for little fabric rosettes I've seen around. I also grabbed a couple yards of simple white fabric.
I read a few things online about how to make the little appliques. Basically, you cut your fabric into strips about an inch wide, along the width of the fabric - I think most fabric bolts are 44 or 53 inches wide. (I actually tore my strips because I realized our only pair of scissors are awful and I even tried to find Joe's surgical scissors but couldn't find those either! Ha!)
 Once you've got your strips torn/cut, you just tie a knot at the halfway point of the strip so you have two ends. I added a little dob of hot glue here. Twist the fabric and start just wrapping it around the knot.
Around and around, twisting and gluing as you go with the hot glue gun. I burned my fingers a few times but it's totally worth it.

 When you get to the end, just wrap the edge of the fabric around to the back and glue it down. And you repeat the process for as many rosettes you want for your pillow.

I didn't want to over-exert myself so I only made three.
 Then, I got out my old sewing machine (which only works about half the time but I can't justify buying a new one because the only thing I know how to sew is curtains and pillows. I even took Sewing class in high school and I made my grandma a stuffed lamb and put the ears on backwards) and made a little white pillow case for a pillow insert I already had from Hobby Lobby. If you aren't much of a sewer, you could totally just buy a solid white throw pillow and stick your rosettes on the front. Now that I think of it, that would have been much easier.
I stuffed the pillow insert inside and then sewed the bottom edge with a needle and thread. The old fashioned way. And probably still not technically the correct way!
 Then, I arranged the rosettes on the front of the pillow and hot glued them down too.
I thought it looked cute on our guest bed and it only took me an hour to whip up! Not bad, huh?

Happy Wednesday!


Annie said...

I love it! You're totally inspiring me to get some spring going in my house!

Katie said...

love! i'm a huge fan of yellow, too! :)

KSK said...

I like this! I'm trying to get more crafty in my life, and this is inspiring!! Thanks!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

What a beautiful photo -- I'm so impressed!

MJ @ MD School Mrs said...

So cute! I love anything with fabric rosettes! :)


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