Friday, June 10, 2011

New Master Bathroom

I don't know if you remember but I've been contemplating doing something with our Master Bathroom for a while now. The truth is, we've lived in this house for two years and we hadn't done anything with it besides put one old rug on the floor. I really wanted a Master Bathroom that felt like a spa or hotel. Because of the time crunch (baby) and Joe's crazy work schedule, we had exactly one day to do something so I decided we could at least paint, get some new rugs and put something on the wall. After debating for a long time over colors, I decided to go with a soft yellow from Valspar.

 My first instinct is always blue but we have so much blue in our house I'm worried it's starting to look like smurf-ville. I picked out a couple other colors to compliment it: a bronze-y brown (to be used later for something - it's a surprise!) and a pretty sea green. I love this green color!!
I'm not going to lie, painting a bathroom with 12 foot ceilings and wacky walls was not easy being 9 months pregnant so Joe did a lot of the work. I just came in every once in a while to do some quality assurance inspections (hah)!! Also, we didn't think too much about how we'd paint the wall above our corner tub. After Google-ing we decided to put towels down in the tub and put the ladder inside the tub (*cue me having a heart attack at the thought of the fiberglass tub cracking*) and I did that painting because I'm still (slightly) lighter than Joe and we figured the less weight on the ladder the better. I'll admit, the ceiling isn't perfect but we are not re-painting any time soon!! haha!
For cheap wall art I blew up two of our favorite honeymoon pictures at Walgreens and put them in frames from Walmart.
 The shelf came from Lowe's for under $15 and the jars are from TJMaxx, all three were $7 total.
The rugs are probably my favorite thing. They are the Hotel Collection from TJMaxx. I LOVE the Hotel Collection stuff from TJMaxx.
I'm really happy with how it turned out and that it was really a one day project. I still have some other ideas for a couple more projects in here, but those may have to wait a couple months. :)

Happy Friday!!!


Sarah Ann said...

It's really beautiful! You did a great job!

KSK said...

Looks REALLY good! I like that yellow color! :)

Annie said...

Awesome! Love the color.


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