Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thank yous & Carseats

It's so nice to have a "pregnancy buddy". I don't think I'd want to be pregnant (especially for the first time) without having a friend in the same boat with me. I had two friends who were pregnant with me and due within a month of me. One of my friends even shared my due date. Well. They have both now had their babies! I'm the last man (woman) standing!! hah!

After the second girl went into labor early Joe and I promptly packed our hospital bag and got the car seat installed.

Maybe it was wishful thinking...
I'm so ready to have this baby and find out if we've got a little girl or a little boy!! I've been cleaning the house because we will be having a lot of company over and I'm a little OCD about it staying neat. I told Joe I couldn't fathom having this baby knowing our bed wasn't made or there were dishes in the sink!! Haha!
I've also been working on my thank-yous from my shower. I designed them using the colors from the nursery (and my shower) and used some of the pregnancy photos I had been taking. I printed them at Office Depot because I didn't want to wait to have them mailed if I did them online. All together I think 50 cards were $10 or so!!

What did you do the days leading up to having your first baby???


amybyrd said...

got a haircut and pedicure, and went to see Twilight: eclipse. My hubby also decided to move apartments a few weeks before our baby was born--bad idea--I did a lot of unpacking!
A question for you--where did you get the shape on your thank you card with the swirls?

KSK said...

Ooohhh! Getting close!!
I just worked, worked, worked!

Allie said...

I got a pedicure so my toes would look pretty during labor! :) and did lots of cleaning as well!

Brittany Ann said...

OH girl, I get it. My neighbor? Same due date as me. Had her baby on Tuesday. People are no longer all around me, that were due before and after me, to boot. CRAZY! I've lost patience!

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

I can't believe it's getting so close!! I'm SO excited for you! Your shower was adorable and you looked BEAUTIFUL!! So happy for you guys! :)


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