Thursday, June 23, 2011

What's In My Hospital Bag???

It's tricky to know what to pack for the hospital to have your first baby! I have only been in the hospital once in my life (for a broken and dislocated hip after a waterskiing accident) and it wasn't planned. In fact, they cut my (most beloved) swimsuit off me in the ER and Joe had to go to Walmart and buy me some sweat pants so I would have clothes to wear when I got released. R.I.P awesome swimsuit...

So here's what we came up with for the hospital.

Our bag is sitting in the corner of our bedroom ready to go at any moment!!

Big Stuff
Diaper Bag
Breast Pump
Pillow from home
Blanket (handmade)

Baby Things
Diapers and wipes (I've heard conflicting things - do I need to bring my own??)
Baby Book
Polaroid Camera and film (I'm going to attempt to get cool Polaroid pictures of visitors)
White newborn kimono shirts (snaps down the front so I don't have to pull over baby's head)
Going home outfit for boy (brand is F.A.O. from Babies 'R Us)
Going home outfit for a girl (brand is Koala Baby from Babies 'R Us)
socks and hair bows (not pictured)

Daddy Things
Casual/Sleep outfits: t-shirts and gym shorts
Nice outfit for going home
Swim Trunks so he can get in the bath with me during labor
Flip flops (not pictured)

Mommy Things
1 gown and robe set
1 extra robe
2 pairs of sweatpants and tank tops
1 nursing tank top
2 nursing bras
1 yoga bra (for bath during labor)
House shoes with grippers on bottom
Undies and socks (not pictured)
Going home dress
Flip Flops

Shower Things
2 of our own big fuzzy towels
Shower Bag with deodorant, toothpaste, chapstick, contact solution, etc.
 Makeup Bag (may not get used - haha!)

Electronic/Entertainment Things
Camera and case (not pictured)
Phones and phone chargers

Mama experts - what am I missing??? :)


Victoria said...

I have been wanting to comment but I'm usually one handed holding the baby.
Your bags are well packed. You won't need the diapers and wipes, there will be plenty for you there, even some for you to take home. Don't forget breast pads and nipple cream. After you have the baby I wouldn't recommend wearing sweat pants because they check you down there often so you'd be pulling pants up and down for them. I'd wear gowns. Also I think the disposable panties they give you are the way to go for a couple days. Don't forget pads.
I think other than that you are doing well.. :)

Sassy In The South said...

Best of luck to you!! It seems like you're completely prepared. I love the boppy cover!

Bea said...

I don't think you should take the breast pump. They have hospital grade pumps that you can use while you're at the hospital. Also, you don't need to take the diapers and the wipes because they provide them AND you'll want to snag as many free ones as you can while you're there anyway. Similarly, you don't need to take more than a pair of underwear because they provide you with disposable underwear and pads, which you'll like so you don't stain your own. It's another thing I'd snag from the hospital. Their pads and underwear are really good for post-baby. Otherwise you are very prepared!

KSK said...

I'm with Bea... We asked the nurses if we could take some things.. and the told us to take everything that's disposable because they just toss it.
I didn't have a water bath, but they had me wear a hospital gown everyday.. so it was easier to check how things were.

boutique bows said...
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Solitary Diner said...

Wow...that is an amazingly organized hospital bag! Best of luck with the delivery and with becoming a new parent.

Jenn said...

I agree with the earlier posters. The hospital will have everything you need for the baby!

I came home with a ton of baby gear from the hospital, including the kimono wraps.

Good luck! You'll do great!

Anonymous said...

I see a thunder shirt!!! :)

awww.. your taking my mom's blanket to the hospital? :) I'll have to let her know.


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