Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Is there an era of history that you just WISHED you would have lived in? My friend and I were recently having this conversation... which were the best decades in American history? At the time we were debating whether the 80s or 90s were better. Of course, I said the 80s!!

To me, there is an even better decade.

I wish.. WISH.. I could have lived in the 50s.

I want to be a real life "I Love Lucy", which is my favorite tv show ever. I own every single episode on DVD.

I talk to my grandma all the time about living in the 50s. She got married in the 50s and at the time was working at the local telephone company. I love to look at her pictures because she totally rocked the 50s cat-eye glasses, red lipstick and peep toe shoes!

Myself in the 50s

What decade do you wish you could have lived through???


Sarah Ann said...

I'd love to live in the roaring 20's any day. I ADORE the cute little caps they would wear and the flapper look. I also really like the styles that came out post WWII in the 40's.


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