Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday Date Night

Tonight we were back again at the movie theater for date night. There's no happiness like the feeling I get when I hand over a Hamilton for two seats to an evening show!

Yes, I had to Google who was on the ten dollar bill.

Anyway, for the time being, allow my Wednesday nights to serve as research for YOU because I plan to discuss movies I really like. I'm just a wealth of crucial movie-going information. My gain is.. well.. your gain.

And ohmygosh do I have a good one for you: Law Abiding Citizen. It was so gooooood. A real thinker. Great for the guys and gals! Here is the trailer (try to act like you don't have a tiny crush on Gerard Butler):

Also, I was trying to explain this commercial to a friend earlier and she hadn't seen it. It is by far the cutest commercial ever, and I hate commercials:

I double dog dare you not to smile after watching :)


Moya said...

Thanks for the review I'm planning on our next date night to go see this movie! I hope its still showing here on Monday so we can catch the 2 for 1 deal:)


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