Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Tonight Joe and I grilled some chicken on our new grill and sat in front of the tv with the windows open and watched the Yankees vs. Angels baseball game.

Oh the joy of fall!!

There is nothing better than a good baseball game. I know everyone has moved onto football about now but I'm still holding on! I am a huge Yankees fan and I'm pretty sure they're going to the World Series this year. I used to convince my friends and my sister to skip school with me in high school to go to ALL the Yankees games when they came into town to play the Royals. And I just know if only I had been introduced to Derek Jeter during that time we would be married right now. And Joe knows this.

And there's no love like the relationship that exists between me and stadium food. But that is a whole blog post in itself I'll save for another day.

Nowadays, I'm able to convince Joe to take me to a Yankees vs. Royals baseball game at least once a year. However, there is one problem. He's a Royals fan. So every year, we each dress up to support our respective teams. And yes, we get heckled when we walk into the stadium. But there's some things you can't compromise on even when married to someone!!

Yankees. vs. Royals, Spring 2009


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

LOVE a good baseball game!! Looks fun!!

ShawnaLee said...

paaaahahahahaa. Skipping school to see Jeter for a second day. I remember that! Hey, he turned around an looked at us too-NO JOKE!


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